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The Importance of Talk Therapy When Having Ketamine Treatment

Hiker reaching the mountain's summit, symbolizing the journey to mental wellness with the aid of ketamine and therapy

Many experts will recommend talk therapy along with ketamine infusions. If you're considering ketamine infusions, but you're wondering whether additional therapy is really necessary, here's what you need to know:

Your brain starts to rewire within the first 24 hours after a ketamine infusion

Soon after your ketamine treatments, your brain begins to form new connections. During this stage, your brain experiences heightened neuroplasticity, which means it is highly flexible and adaptable to change.

Speaking with a therapist can help you take advantage of this optimal time to gain understanding from your ketamine experience. Your therapist can help you create new insights, and different ways of thinking, which you can apply to create lasting change in your life.

Ketamine allows you to access your subconscious mind.

Ketamine does something truly extraordinary: it lets you access your subconscious. Often, our subconscious becomes a place where we store memories and emotions we'd rather not confront.

Ketamine can help you break down hidden mental blocks by opening a window into your unconscious mind. Incorporating talk therapy into your treatment plan allows you to explore, process, and ultimately make peace with what has been holding you back. This helps you to heal and move forward.

A window symbolizing how ketamine treatment can open a window into the mind.
Ketamine treatment can open a window to your subconscious mind

Making Sense of the Experience

Ketamine isn't just a medicine; it's an experience. You may gain new perspectives, not just about your mental health, but also about life in general. However, ketamine experiences are often vague and difficult to describe. A trained therapist can guide you in interpreting whatever comes up for you during your ketamine infusion. This ensures you don't lose any valuable lessons that could be learned.

Preparation and Integration: Keys to Success

Your state of mind as you enter a ketamine infusion can impact your experience more than you may realize. A therapist can help you prepare an optimal mindset before your treatments.

After a ketamine treatment, your outlook on life might shift, offering you fresh insights and ways of seeing the world. A therapist can guide you in integrating new viewpoints into your daily life, turning them into practical actions and healthy habits.

Long-Lasting Change

While ketamine can offer quick symptom relief, therapy provides something infinitely more valuable: long-lasting change. It equips you with the emotional resilience and coping mechanisms needed to weather life's unpredictable storms. Therefore, therapy doesn't just supplement ketamine's effects; it solidifies them, making your treatment outcome more sustainable and impactful.

Ketamine Health was founded with a single goal: to provide a solution to those struggling with mental health conditions. We are passionate about supporting you on your journey to wellness using evidence-based medicine.

If you or someone you love is suffering from anxiety, PTSD or depression, please get in touch with us to determine if you would be a candidate for ketamine infusions.


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