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How To Get The Most Benefit From Your Ketamine Infusions

A man journaling in between his ketamine treatments to help gain new insights and awareness.
One way that you can increase the gains you make from your ketamine infusion therapy is through journaling. Writing down the thoughts, feelings and experiences you have can boost your treatment outcome.

You've just had an eye-opening experience during your ketamine infusion. You're inspired, energized, and ready to change. How do you turn this newfound insight into lasting improvement in your life?

Enter the concept of integration.

What exactly Is ketamine "integration"?

Within 24 hours of your first ketamine dose, fresh neural pathways begin to grow. This state of change can open your mind to new ideas, and help you think differently about your life.

If your newly formed brain connections are frequently activated, they will remain strong and healthy. Yet, if they are not used consistently, they will weaken over time. So you may feel great at first after your ketamine infusions, however if you don't take action to maintain that feeling, you may notice that it starts to fade.

Integration is the process of ensuring that these positive brain connections keep growing, so that you continue to feel good. It is a way of taking the insights and awareness gained from your ketamine infusions and weaving them into your everyday life.

How do you turn these newfound insights into lasting improvements in your life?

Taking intentional and specific action after your ketamine infusions can help you keep your new brain pathways active. Here are some integration strategies to consider:

  • Journaling: This can begin immediately after your infusion. Once your infusion has finished, write down or draw any thoughts, experiences and visions that you remember, and how they made you feel. Continue to journal as new insights and awareness comes up in your ketamine journey.

  • Revisit hobbies or activities you once loved: The goal is to bring new positive habits into your life so you can feel better for longer.

  • Train your brain to feel better: Commit to happiness-boosting practices, such as writing down three specific things that make you happy each day. This can help you bring even more positivity into your life.

  • Spend time with other people: Connect with family, friends or your community. Connecting with others can lift your mood.

  • Build Positive Habits: Activities like exercise and meditation can be powerful tools to help you feel better.

Integration is not an easy process. You might feel a temporary loss of motivation or struggle to remember certain insights. That's okay. Be patient with yourself.

Ketamine may show you the path, but only you can walk it. The desire for change may be strongest immediately after the infusion, but it's up to you to take the steps to bring new positive change into your life.

A journey of transformation

Being open to change requires commitment, ownership, and bravery—all of which you have inside you.

Integration is the key to unlocking these qualities and turning your profound ketamine experience into a life-changing transformation.

As you move forward, remember that you have the tools and the power to add value to your life.

Your journey towards a better you has just begun.

CONTACT KETAMINE HEALTH Ketamine Health was founded with a single goal: to provide a solution to those struggling with mental health conditions. We are passionate about supporting you on your journey to wellness using evidence-based medicine. If you or someone you love is suffering from anxiety, PTSD or depression, please get in touch with us to determine if you would be a candidate for ketamine infusions.


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