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ketamine health process

The Ketamine Health Experience

The Ketamine Health Process

At Ketamine health, we have created a 6-pillar approach to help you feel better for longer. Following this approach will give you the momentum you need to make positive, lasting change.

Change your life with ketamine

If you are suffering from a mental health condition, ketamine can transform your life. 

Unresolved stress, sadness, pain, trauma, guilt and fear can lower your mood and lead to unhealthy behaviour.


Ketamine frees you from toxic thought patterns and emotions so you can feel empowered to take positive action. 

What sets Ketamine Health apart is that we integrate IV ketamine into a holistic treatment program. While ketamine can help you heal, its effects are far more powerful when it's used as a treatment tool as part of a comprehensive, transformational program. 

Ketamine resets the brain. It promotes neuroplasticity, which increases the brain's ability to grow new connections and be flexible. While your brain is more open to change, therapy is key to addressing and overcoming any underlying mental or emotional blocks that you may be experiencing.

When you combine therapy with ketamine, you're much more likely to experience a sustainable transformation.

1. Intake

The Initial Steps

When you are ready to begin your transformation, your family doctor or psychiatrist can send a referral to us. Should you not have easy access to a medical professional, you can begin treatment at our clinic without a referral.


Our intake process is extremely thorough to ensure that you will be a good fit for our program.


When you contact us, you can speak with an intake coordinator to go discuss ketamine treatment and answer any questions that you have. Should you wish to proceed with treatment, you will complete an intake form where you will provide a complete medical and mental health history. Next, you will be assessed by our psychiatrist and anesthesiologist who will review your medical history and ensure that you are a suitable candidate for our ketamine program.


Our goal is for you to begin treatment within a few days of your phone consultation. Typically, our patients are seen within one to two weeks from the initial inquiry. 


Once it has been determined that you are qualified for treatment, you will begin preparing for your ketamine journey

2. Preparation

Optimize Your Mindset

Your treatment plan will be personalized to help you achieve the best possible outcome. 


Your therapist will help guide you in preparing for the Ketamine infusions. At the first session, you will set intentions for the program and decide what you hope to achieve.


You will choose a plan of action to create a positive mindset for your Ketamine treatments, such as daily journaling, meditation, exercise and building healthy sleep routines.

Prepare for ketamine assisted therapy

3. Reset
The Infusion Procedure

Each infusion is performed in our state-of-the-art facility in Markham. When you arrive for the infusion, you will be brought to a cozy, private treatment room.  You will relax in a cushioned reclining chair while you get ready for the infusion. We recommend wearing eyeshades and bringing headphones, so you can listen to music which will deepen your experience. 


We will take an initial set of vital signs, and insert a tiny needle which will be used to attach a thin IV tube. While you may feel some discomfort, most patients are surprised by how painless this process is - even those who are afraid of needles.  The ketamine will enter directly into your bloodstream through the tube. During the procedure, we will continue to monitor your vital signs. We will also observe how you respond to the medication and make changes if needed. As the Ketamine is delivered through an IV infusion pump, we can fine-tune and tailor the dose to you. This provides our patients with superior results compared to other forms of Ketamine delivery methods. 

The Ketamine dose for mental health conditions is quite low. In fact, it's far less than the dose that's used as an anesthetic in the operating room. IV Ketamine infusions are therefore considered to be extremely safe. During the procedure, most people feel quite relaxed. You may experience a “dissociative effect”, so you could feel a sense of disconnection. This has often been described as an “out of body” experience.

After about 50 to 60 minutes, we will stop the infusion. You will be allowed to remain in your treatment room until you feel comfortable leaving. In general, the effects of the Ketamine are almost completely gone after 15 to 20 minutes. You will not be sent home until you can walk, drink water and have normal vital signs. It is important that you arrange for a safe ride home after the procedure as you will not be able to drive for 24 hours.

ketamine infusion therapy toronto

4. Therapy
Process Your Experience

When Ketamine is combined with psychotherapy, you’re much more likely to have lasting mental health benefits than when either of these is provided on their own.


After the infusion, you may feel a positive boost in your mood and general outlook. Ketamine helps to rewire the pathways in your brain so that you feel calmer and clearer.


The treatment sessions may bring you a new awareness about yourself and your power in life. Your therapist will guide you and help you process the new thoughts and ideas.


Therapy will help you learn to better cope with difficult emotions and tough life situations. You will let go of old habits that have been holding you back, and move forward with a more positive attitude.

5. Transform
Post Treatment Integration 

Ketamine therapy can can change your life. During ketamine treatment, your mind is ripe to create new brain pathways, and your body is filled with energy. The medication can free you from fear, anxiety, and self-doubt so you may gain a new sense of awareness, clarity and understanding.  In the weeks that follow your treatment, you could feel a positive boost in your mood and general outlook. Yet, it's important to remember to take action to complete the healing process.

The integration process is where you take intentional steps before and after the treatment sessions to apply your new-found insights into your daily life. Following up with your therapist is critical to successful treatment results. This creates the best chance for long-term recovery. 

You will discuss with your therapist some positive actions to integrate the Ketamine treatment. Examples of these are:


  • Journaling.

  • Positive affirmations.

  • Taking time for yourself.

  • Learning to be grateful for what you have.


You will work with your therapist to develop these positive habits so that the changes you experience will be sustained. Integrating what you discover about yourself into your life is the key to lasting change.    

6. Repeat
Ongoing Infusions

While you may experience rapid improvement in your mental state from a single infusion, Ketamine therapy is not intended as a one-time treatment or cure.


Research studies and clinical results have shown that multiple infusions lead to longer-lasting, more effective results. Based on clinical evidence, our recommended protocol is six infusions combined with therapy.  


At Ketamine Health, we suggest a series of six infusion sessions, combined with therapy, so you can experience the mental and emotional shifts that ketamine can create. We have seen that most of our patients start to feel the positive benefits of ketamine infusions between the third to fifth infusions. After you have reached a happy, steady state, we can determine what future maintenance treatments may be necessary for you.

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