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Jaci Courts

Registered Practical Nurse

Jaci is a Registered Practical Nurse with a passion for mental health and hands-on care. She always enjoys spending time with patients and adressing their questions and concerns. She loves making sure that patients feel heard and comfortable in the clinic.

Jaci prides herself on her compassionate nursing skills, open mindedness and her willingness to share her own personal journey with mental health and ketamine treatments. She believes everyone deserves to have empathetic, caring and open minded care from healthcare workers and aims to be a leading model for this. 

She states ‘I will always be there to listen, to hug, to hold, to be a shoulder to cry on, or the goofy nurse to laugh with.’ With her experience and passion for mental health, Jaci is pursuing further education into deeper roles within the mental health field and aims to continue providing the best patient care.

Jaci Courts
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